Quick Facts

Pacific Islands

Would you rather dive with reef sharks in Saipan or surf long, hollow waves in Guam? Retreat to a pristine beach or trek through an untouched jungle? And if none of these sound good, well…the Pacific Islands may not be the best place for you.

Similar pay to U.S. assignments

Fast \u2014 credentialing can take as little as 45 days

Coverage included. Lawsuits are also less common than in the U.S.


Wide variation, from three months to two years

Usually covered, and includes transportation

Similar work environment to rural U.S. facilities

Pacific Islands opportunities


  • Close to Asia

    Great home base to travel more broadly

  • Generous paid time off

    Depending on position and assignment length

  • Parity

    Practice with any current U.S. license

Locales, schedules, shifts, and patient loads will vary with each opportunity. Wherever you choose to practice, you’ll add diversity to your CV and help a community in need, all while experiencing the shores of these otherworldly islands.

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