Tami Reynolds
Accounting Manager

Tami Reynolds Tami Reynolds
Accounting Manager, 20+ years of experience in healthcare recruiting, with GMS since 2013

Your adventure starts...where? The better question is where doesn't my adventure start? There's a whole world out there to explore. And I want to be multilingual as I travel, so I'm learning Spanish now. Italian's probably next.

A great moment for you: Standing at the ruins in Tulum, Mexico (a Pre-Columbian walled city and one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Maya) and thinking that ancient man stood right where I was standing. It was mind-boggling. It was also beautiful right there on the Caribbean Sea.

Passions outside of work: A day on our boat beats all. We love to go to Utah Lake or Lake Powell with our best boat mate, Zoe, our yellow Labrador retriever. She loves to swim. In fact, she tires herself out so much in the water that we had to buy her a life vest! I also love to rollerblade, collect shoes, drink wine, eat chocolate and savor my husband's cooking. He gardens, does his own canning, and then cooks—which means I never have to. The salsa he makes with his homegrown tomatillos is so good it you could eat it on cardboard.

A quote that inspires you: "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself." – Coco Chanel

Why I live in Utah: I was a reluctant child transplant, but I ended up staying in Salt Lake City to earn my BA in Sociology from the University of Utah, then I met my husband and he's from here—so I'm still here. I plan to spend my golden years living around world, though. Spain is at the top of my list.

Best place I've lived: Alexandria, Virginia. I worked as a legislative assistant in the senate and it was such a great learning experience. Washington DC is the Mecca of everything—culture, politics, art, food, ideas. I loved going to the National Gallery of Art and I found a spot behind the Supreme Court building to have lunch every day. It was there that I realized that you can get ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING with the right DC phone number.

First job: Scooping all 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I came home at night, sticky up to my armpits, but I still have one hell of a muscle on my scooping arm.