Lori Kremer
Assignment Coordinator

Lori Kremer Lori Kremer
Assignment Coordinator, with GMS since 2016

Your adventure starts....where? Wherever my feet are taking me is where my next adventure starts.

A great moment for you: While working for a nonprofit organization in global surgery, my first official trip was with a medical team teaching pediatric surgeons and nurses in Vietnam. It was there that I learned about the power of knowledge and importance of teamwork.

Your passions outside of work: Community service, art, design and junking & antiquing.

A quote that inspires you: Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi

Why I live in Utah: When I arrived in Utah from the Midwest many years ago, it just felt like home.

Best place I've lived: A small town in Wyoming.

First job: Cleaning a beauty salon after hours when I was in middle school - I still have this "thing" about cleaning.