Lindsay Lyons
Senior Physician Placement Specialist

Lindsay  Lyons Lindsay Lyons
Senior Physician Placement Specialist, with GMS since 2010

Your adventure starts...where? I've always dreamed of going to Paris to see the historical architecture. The colors look so vibrant and I want to walk along the Seine River and cross all the bridges.

A great moment for you: Crossing the finish line of the Portland Marathon. It was my first marathon and we picked Portland because we love Oregon. I ran with my husband, Kevin, and two friends and we all crossed the finish line together. It was a downpour during part of the race and I loved that, too! After the race, we drove to the coast and ate pizza and it was the... most...amazing....meal of my life!

Your passions outside of work: I adore being a Mom but I'm still very much myself (an important distinction). I love to be outside! I bike and hike and snowboard, and I love to hike the same trail where I snowboarded or biked. If I'm outside I'm usually happy, even if I'm just watching the birds (I had Lasik surgery last year and now I can SEE them).

A quote that inspires you: "Anyone who feels there's only fun in the sun has never danced in the rain." – Unknown

Why I live in Utah: I'm half mountain girl/half desert girl so living here is my own nirvana. My friends used to call me "Hippie-Kiyay" because they said I was part hippie and part cowgirl. Whatever, I'm just me...

Best place I've lived: Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I spent a summer working for a lodge company there and I was in heaven. It's beyond beautiful and it was a great place to do some serious soul searching.

First job: I was a "hostess with the mostest" at an Italian restaurant called Robintino's. They've been in business since the early 1960ss and it's still going strong. It was a bit of a dive back then, but I think/hope they've made some improvements since.