Katie Powers
U.S. HOSP Team Leader & Senior Account Manager

Katie Powers Katie Powers
U.S. Hospitalist, Emergnecy Medicine and Primary Care Senior Team Leader & Senior Account Manager, with GMS since 2012

Your adventure starts...where? I'm drawn to the lush, green landscapes of New Zealand and I want to photograph them, but the number one on my bucket list is to visit every National Park in America.

A great moment for you: My family went on a one-month, 6,000-mile-long road trip in a mini-van when my daughter was 18-months old. We started in San Francisco and went north through the Redwoods all the way to Glacier, then east to Wisconsin for a family reunion and then home to Utah. We camped along the way and it was amazing to have that much time together. It was also the first time we saw the redwood trees and they can't be described—or photographed. You have to see them in person to comprehend how giant they truly are.

Your passions outside of work: My family, hiking, the outdoors and photography—and quite often I do them all at the same time!

Why I live in Utah: We never thought we'd live here. My husband was accepted to graduate school at the University of Utah and now we can't imagine living anywhere else. We love the weather! We've had our two children here. We bought our first home here. The landscape and culture just match our passions.

Best place I've lived: Utah. Seriously, people don't understand how close the mountains are here and it's just amazing.

First job: My dad owned a Bed & Breakfast and he paid me to help out, but my first "real" job was as a barista at Panera Bread & Coffee.