Julie Berg
Senior Physician Placement Specialist

Julie Berg Julie Berg
Senior Physician Placement Specialist, 20+ years of industry experience, with GMS since 2012

Your adventure starts...where? Alaska and the Virgin Islands are amazing, but personally I think the Coeur D'Alene Mountains in the northern Idaho panhandle are just as beautiful. Coeur D'Alene has been voted one of the most fascinating places to visit, too, so it's worth a trip.

A great moment for you: Holding my daughter for the first time. She had to be in the NICU for the first 24-hours so it was really special.

Passions outside of work: I love to ski, bike and play tennis (I'm a member of the United States Tennis Association and play in organized leagues and competitions). I also love to garden. I grow my own organic produce and herbs—especially basil to eat with my homegrown tomatoes. My yard is almost an acre in size and when we bought the house there was no landscaping, so I learned to garden out of necessity. It's been a 30-year project! The only thing I don't like is the constant weeding so one year I got two pygmy goats to help. They'll eat anything and they really cleaned the place up. Unfortunately, I kept them over the winter and they decided they preferred my lovely evergreens over their hay and pellets. I kept adjusting the fence to keep them in but one day I saw one jump straight up in the air and over the fence—it was like he had springs in his feet—so I gave up and a family who loves pygmy animals adopted them!

Why I live in Utah: The spectacular Wasatch Mountains and because I'm a gardener I love the foliage and flowers that grow so beautifully here despite the fact that we're constantly in a state of drought.

Best place I've lived: Hawaii, Alaska, and Utah— I can't pick a favorite between the three!

First job: Flippin' burgers for a summer when I was 16.