Jared DeMann
Senior Physician Placement Specialist

Jared  DeMann Jared DeMann
Senior Physician Placement Specialist, with GMS since 2010

Your adventure starts...where? Even though there are hundreds of cities in the United States I'd love to experience, I'd say heading overseas to Holland, Japan or Tahiti top my travel list first.

A great moment for you: Winning first place in a cruise ship talent show in front of over 500 people. We performed the first song I ever wrote; I played guitar and my older brother killed it with vocals.

Your passions outside of work: Kicking around a soccer ball or mountain biking on good-weather days; camping, fishing or boating high up in the Wasatch Mountains; and relaxing on the couch watching a Real Salt Lake or Utah Jazz game. Every moment in between you'll find me strumming my guitar.

A quote that inspires you: "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." – Joseph Campbell.

Why I live in Utah: Show me another place so close to such beautiful spoils and I'll consider a move. Seriously, you can't get better views than Utah—from Park City to Lake Powell. If I'm really feeling the itch, I'll take a road trip to either Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon.

First job: I was 12 years old and the world was my oyster so I did what any other kid with a brand-new bike would do—I started a paper route. Every morning my twin brother and I filled up our bike baskets and took to the streets delivering the news. That lasted until we were 16 and got "real jobs."