Chelsea Taylor
Client Development Specialist

Chelsea Taylor Chelsea Taylor
Client Development Specialist, with GMS since 2016

Your adventure starts....where? That's easy... New Zealand. When I found out that GMS was sending doctors over there I immediately thought of Lord of the Rings and that my husband and I should go.

A great moment for you: There are four great moments: Serving as a missionary in England, marrying my husband Dusty Taylor, getting my bachelor's degree and fulfilling our dream to move to China for a year. Ages 21-27 have been pretty remarkable for me.

Your passions outside of work: I love to travel, eat, watch movies, and read.

A quote that inspires you: "Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Why I live in Utah: My church is here, my husband's school is here and my family is here.

Best place I've lived: The United States. That's not to say that England and China don't have my heart, but there is no place like the USA. I love my country.

First job: A tanning salon. I was fourteen and I started off getting paid with only free tans. Looking back now I realize it was terrible and not healthy. Back then I always wanted to look like I came from beach year round. However, it turned into a paid job shortly after when I got my workers permit. We all have to start somewhere right?