Celia Ruiz
Office Manager

Celia Ruiz

Celia Ruiz
Office Manager, with GMS since 2011 
Your adventure starts...where? I'm dying to see Ireland. I have this vision of lush greener-than-green hills, rocky cliffs, cobblestones and castles....

A great moment for you: Hearing my granddaughter cry for the first time.

Your passions outside of work: I write poetry (just for myself) and I'm working on a series of children's books; I'm a massive Los Angeles Laker's fan and spend the basketball season cheering them on; I also love to watch reruns of I Love Lucy over and over...and over...

A quote that inspires you: "You will never move forward if you're always looking back."

Why I live in Utah: It's beautiful! And the people are so kind.

Best place I've lived: Right near my family—no matter where that is!

First job: I was the office assistant for Ontario (California) City Hall when I was 14! A community program helped me get work and I had to go through the whole interview process to get the job. I was youngest employee of the city ever and ended up staying for three years. I loved that job.