Austin Soter
Physician Placement Specialist

Austin Soter Austin Soter
Physician Placement Specialist, with GMS since 2016

Your adventure starts....where? Mexico, it's my favorite country. It has amazing culture, great food, and hardworking people with good attitudes.

A great moment for you: Moving back to Utah! Between living in Portland, San Diego, and Philadelphia, I have been away from home for nearly 10 years. It's great to be back in the mountains near my family.

Your passions outside of work: 
-Scuba Diving - I received my Dive Master in 2013.
-Baseball/Basketball - I try to play in as many leagues as possible.
-Hunting, fishing and camping - I love the the outdoors!

A quote that inspires you: "Do whatever to get better"

Why I live in Utah: The outdoors and my family. Period.

Best place I've lived: San Diego, CA

First job: Cart boy and caddy at Hidden Valley Country Club in Sandy.