Ashlee Scott
Hospital Privileging Coordinator

Ashlee Scott Ashlee Scott
Hospital Privileging Coordinator, with GMS since 2011

Your adventure starts...where? Alaska will always have my heart. Prince William Sound near Seward has some of the best fishing I've ever experienced.

A great moment for you: Graduating from the University of Utah with a BS in Organizational Communications.

Your passions outside of work: To say I love fly-fishing is an understatement. Football is a close second—I've never missed a home game for my alma mater, the running Utes. And if I'm not in the stream or on the bleachers you'll find me on the slopes with skis under my feet and blue sky overhead.

A quote that inspires you: "I have known many who could not when they would, for they had not done it when they could." – Francois Rabelais

Why I live in Utah: I can enjoy solitude in the mountains during the day, and within 15 minutes be drinking a glass of wine at a restaurant with my friends. It's the best of both worlds.

First job: Throwin' dough at a pizza joint.