Ariane Cooley
Client Development Specialist

Ariane Cooley

Ariane Cooley
International Client Development Specialist, with GMS since 2008

Professional highlights:

  • Ariane holds a Master's Degree in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Arizona State University.
  • Before becoming International Client Development Specialist, Ariane was consistently a top Physician Placement Specialist here at Global.
  • Since her transition to her current role at Global in January 2013, she's not only maintained but also developed new relationships in Australia, Guam, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Singapore.

Personal highlights:

  • In 2002 Ariane moved from Guelph, Canada (not far from the grand city of Toronto) to Salt Lake City on a University of Utah swimming scholarship.
  • In 2006, Ariane’s senior year, she helped the U of U women’s swimming team win the Mountain West Conference Championship. 
  • She loves visiting Bermuda for its interesting culture and gorgeous beaches.
  • Random fact: Ariane and her husband were on a freeway billboard a few years back promoting a new rollercoaster at the local amusement park.

A bit more about Ariane:

Google “University of Utah record holder for the 200m breast stroke” and you’re likely to see a picture of Ariane. This Canadian-born swimming prodigy came to the U.S. back in 2002 on scholarship, set a few records then stuck around to get married.

Ariane has traveled all over her native Canada, spent some time in Bermuda and has seen quite a bit of the U.S. when she traveled with the U of U swim teamalthough she will tell you she really only saw the hotel and the swimming pool.

At home Ariane spends time with her husband, two-year-old daughter and their Maltese/Pomeranian mix, Milo. She loves watching movies, staying active and working on her crafts. In particular, she makes decorations out of wood and enjoys scrapbooking. She bleeds red and white for her alma mater (the U of U) and loves to watch them on the football field. She loves when the Summer Olympics are on and, surprise, surprise, she is partial to the swimming events.

She would love to do a bit more traveling when she has the chance and has put Australia and New Zealand firmly at the top of her list. “Hawaii”, she says, “is a not too distant third place.” For now however, she’s content living vicariously through the doctors she works with and looks forward to hearing about the many adventures she has helped get started for them.