Andrea Shaw
Licensing Coordinator Sr

Andrea Shaw Andrea Shaw
Licensing Coordinator Sr, with GMS since 2008

Your adventure starts...where? I'd go anywhere in Europe. I've never been out of the country except a day trip to Tijuana. I imagine the Italian countryside is a tad more romantic.

A great moment for you: Completing my Associate's degree was a great moment for me. My only regret is not pursuing more. I'm always stressing the importance of education to my cousins, nieces and nephews.

Your passions outside of work: I live to cook and entertain. My boyfriend and I are known for throwing the best parties in town and our "Catalina Wine Mixer" is legendary.

Why I live in Utah: Well, I'm a Utah native for starters. Why have I stayed? I love the summers here. Admittedly, the winters can go. If I could live in Southern California during the snowy season, I would.

Best place I've lived: I spent a short stint in Napa. I was in grade school so I didn't get to appreciate it to the fullest (being a wine capital and all). Friends and family still live there so I have an excuse to go back every year.

First job: I bussed tables at a barbeque restaurant. Almost every member of my family worked there at some point. My sister even met her husband there.