Amy Woods
Scheduling Coordinator

Amy Woods Amy Woods
Scheduling Coordinator, with GMS since 2001

Your adventure starts...where? I want to go to Townsville or Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia, where it's warm even in the winter. Year-round warm temperatures, pristine beaches, what's not to like? We've placed a lot of doctors there over the years and they all loved it!

A great moment for you: Definitely the birth of my beautiful daughter, although she's been a challenge ever since (wink, wink).

Your passions outside of work: I'm a self-proclaimed foodie! Eating is my favorite thing to do...I'm addicted to fine dining. Shopping is a close second—although now I mostly buy for my "great moment".

A quote that inspires you: "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." – Arthur Ashe

Why I live in Utah: I was born and raised here but I admit I'm not a fan of winter and all the snow so someday I'd love to live where there is no cold, white stuff. In Utah they call it the "greatest snow on earth" but I think that's an oxymoron!

First job: I was a directory assistance operator for Teltrust Communications.