Adriann Mathis
Director of the Domestic Division

Adriann Mathis Adriann Mathis
Director of the Domestic Division, with GMS since 2003

Your adventure starts...where? Europe and Germany would be my first stop. I'd love to see where my grandfather was born and do some family-history sleuthing. Backpacking and staying at cheap hostels would be an interesting way to see the rest of Europe, but I think I'll mix it up and add some Eurail passes and a few overnight stays at five-star hotels!

A great moment for you: Having the guts to get back on my mountain bike. I had a serious accident a couple of years ago and shattered my arm. Riding is something I've always loved but now it terrifies me. Fortunately, Marc (my husband who also rides) is a great coach and cheerleader.

Your passions outside of work: When I'm not working I want to be wherever Marc is...with Millie the dog! We travel south to Tennessee to see family frequently. Hawaii holds a special place in our hearts, too, and not just because it has beautiful beaches—it's the place we professed our love for one another (pre-Millie) so naturally we went back on our honeymoon, too (sans-Millie).

A quote that inspires you: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." – Winston Churchill

Why I live in Utah: My family and friends are here and I love the mountains, and not just because they're majestic. When I really need to think, I drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Solitude (a local ski resort) and I sit there...and I ponder...and wonder...and analyze. Maybe it's the fresh mountain air or maybe it's the beautiful scenery, whatever it is those mountains help me gain a perspective on life when I really need it—and it's never failed me.

First job: I was a sweeper at an elementary school. My best childhood friend (who'd moved away from our neighborhood) worked with me cleaning and vacuuming every day. It was a good excuse to hang out and play! But the work got done because that job paid for my first car!