United Arab Emirates tops the travel destination charts


Travel to the United Arab Emirates is heating up. What better excuse to visit this portion of the Persian Gulf than on an international locum tenens assignment?

Dubai still at the head of the pack

Last month, CNN reported that for 2015, Dubai is once again in the Top 10 destination cities for world travel. It seems that visitors to the region are happy to pay for the experience. The UAE city also secured a Top 10 spot on the list of cities for overnight visitors to spend money during international travel.

CNN's rankings are pulled from an annual MasterCard report focused on building smart cities as well as the importance of innovation and the creation of unique experiences. A rising star in UAE tourism, Dubai is expected to gather $11.7 billion from 14.5 million international visitors this year.

Abu Dhabi is becoming a must-see destination

Not to be outdone, Dubai's southern neighbor Abu Dhabi comes in at No. 3 on CNN's Top 10 list of fastest growing tourist cities.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce calls the Emirate "a country of contrasting landscapes." Eighty percent of United Arab Emirates terrain is desert. However, the Emirates really make that last 20 percent count. Impressive mountains, hidden oases and spectacular beaches are big draws for sport and exploration from sea to sand. Recent investments in high-class hotels, name-brand shopping and spectacular dining mix with the unique traditional cultures of the region.

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are each their own city with individual style and flare, they do have a few things in common. Both cities are investing in amenities for travelers, and each is pulling out all the stops to make sure visitors leave with a storied experience that they'll share with friends.

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