United Arab Emirates Culture

United Arab Emirates tops the travel destination charts

Travel to the United Arab Emirates is heating up. What better excuse to visit this portion of the Persian Gulf than on an international locum tenens assignment?

Cooling off in the pools of Hatta

Looking for a day trip to escape the heat? Set out for the cool canyon pools of Hatta, United Arab Emirates.

Hop-on hop-off bus tours let you explore Abu Dhabi at your own pace

Familiarize yourself with the city of Abu Dhabi from the rolling vantage of an iconic, double-decker "Big Bus."

Gearing up for a desert safari in the UAE

When you imagine an international assignment in the United Arab Emirates, do you picture yourself racing through the desert on a dune buggy, the sun high in the sky?

Your mini-guide to authentic food in the United Arab Emirates

Because the United Arab Emirates has become such an innovative melting pot of cultures (and crazy awesome buildings), you'll find food from almost every major region of the world there.

What awesome structure will Dubai dream up next?

What's better than an aquarium? Spending time underwater in the actual ocean.

The United Arab Emirates will have the world's first indoor city

The United Arab Emirates city-state of Dubai might already have a mall more popular than Disney World, Times Square and the Eiffel Tower, but it has no plans of halting it's record-breaking streak.
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