3 top scenic rail journeys on the North and South Islands


Rail travel is often forgotten as a mode of transportation. But it still exists; it's alive and well! And believe it or not it's a very enjoyable mode of transportation. You get to jet past peaks and forests and through valleys all from the comfort of your seat. You get to relax and take in the scenery, the atmosphere. You get to see places that aren't reachable by car or by foot. You get to be immersed in truly wild countryside and small towns.

Where's the wildest of country for you to travel by rail still you ask? In New Zealand of course. Here are some top rail journeys on both the North and South Islands. And while you're at it feel free to see what locum tenens assignments are available now.

TranzAlpine - South Island

The South Island is home to giant mountains and misty coastlines. And with the TranzAlpine you'll get to witness the lot of it. Start in Christchurch and end in Greymouth if you want to experience everything (or vice versa). Some highlights include the rolling Canterbury Plains, the towering Southern Alps and a plethora of river valleys and beech rainforest along the way.

Coastal Pacific - South Island

This rail journey takes you exactly where its name implies, along the Pacific Coast of New Zealand. This one operates between Christchurch and Picton with vineyards and farmland and moody beaches darting past every minute. Did we mention yet that the train cabins are filled with sky-view windows?

Northern Explorer - North Island

Immaculate scenery will permeate your vision for countless miles on the Northern Explorer. If you want to see the North Island but don't have a lot of time then this rail journey is the one to take. Between Auckland and Wellington you'll encounter volcanic mountains and rolling farmland while passing over 25 bridges and through 14 tunnels. Our recommendation: Bring your camera.

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