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13 benefits of working locum tenens in a rural setting in the U.S. or abroad

Are you interested in setting your own hours, working less, spending more time with your family, and spending less time on admin work? Then perhaps a locum tenens assignment is right for you. You can make your work even more meaningful by lending your skills to rural communities. Here are the top 13 benifits of working in rural settings in the U.S. or abroad.

How locum tenens gives you more time with your family

Physicians choose locum tenens for many reasons, such as freedom, travel opportunities, and to make extra money - as most U.S. assignments (and some international ones) pay more than a full-time position. In addition to all these great benefits, there's another growing motivator for physicians to take locum tenens assignments: the ability to spend more time with family.

How to use international locum tenens to test a permanent relocation

Some physicians use international locum tenens assignments as a stepping-stone to move permanently to countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada or others. We secure the assignment, the work visa, and pay many of the travel/living expenses for the duration of the initial contract. This sets up a physician to more easily secure a resident visa and begin living in the foreign country permanently.

Six insider tips from international locum tenens pros

Two physicians and their families share tips for other couples traveling overseas on international locum tenens assignments.

Planning a locum tenens assignment in New Zealand? 10 more must-know slang phrases.

Are you traveling to the Land of the Long White Cloud soon? Freshen up on your New Zealand idioms.

3 top scenic rail journeys on the North and South Islands

Rail travel is often forgotten as a mode of transportation. But it still exists; it's alive and well! And believe it or not it's a very enjoyable mode of transportation.

Top 3 family-friendly New Year's Eve celebrations in New Zealand

There are 3 great things you should know about if you're currently in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Here are the top 3 New Year's Eve celebrations to ring in the new year

3 unrelated, interesting facts about New Zealand you'll want to know

For all the New Zealand articles you've read of ours over the years you may consider taking up a tour guide job in the Land of the Long White Cloud. In other words you probably know a lot about this island country by now.

Everything you ever wanted to know about New Zealand's Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is fascinating to say the least. It was formed roughly two thousand years ago after a volcanic eruption created a caldera where the lake now sits.

Seeking adventure in New Zealand? Here are 3 top experiences for adrenaline junkies.

If you're on locum tenens assignment in New Zealand and love a good adventure, here are three extreme pastimes you can brave.
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