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Six things locum tenens physicians need to know about taxes

Tax 101 for doctors taking international or U.S. locum tenens assignments

New Year's resolutions for physicians

It's that time of the year for New Year's resolutions. Popular resolutions among physicians are to spend more time with family, work less, give back to the community, save more money and eat more healthfully. Luckily, locum tenens can help physicians achieve all these New Year's resolutions and more.

Mental health and doctors — what a recent survey shows

Physician burnout is high, making major headlines around the world, and suicide among physicians is two times that of the general population. Yet, even though more than half of physicians said in a recent study by locumstory.com that their workload has negatively hurt their mental health, only 17 percent have sought help. The locumstory.com study, which surveyed more than 3,700 physicians in nearly every specialty, work setting, and region of the country, did have positive news.

7 reasons to take a locums assignment during the holidays

Many physicians choose locums in parts of the world, while earning good money. Others schedule their locum tenens assignment down. Meanwhile, some physicians completely embrace the locums lifestyle full-time and create their own form of seasonal migration. We fill locum tenens shifts and longer-term assignments all throughout the year, but notice an increased demand for locum tenens physicians from November through January. This means that qualified physicians can pick up extra shifts and bank the money around the holiday season.

The spooky 16: Top haunted locations to visit on your next locums assignment

In the mood to get spooked? Whether you're looking for a haunted site to celebrate Halloween, or enjoy checking out haunted houses on your travels, you'll want to add these scary places to your bucket list. This "spooky 16" includes some of the most haunted locations in countries where we place locums physicians.

7 ways hiring a locum tenens physician will benefit your private practice

Physicians are revenue generators. If a physician isn't seeing patients, then your business loses a lot of revenue. But revenue isn't the only reason to use a locum tenens physician when your medical practice is understaffed. Whether the shortage is due to staff turnover, retirement, vacations, family or medical leave, expansion, or seasonal demands, savvy practices build the use of locum tenens physicians into the business plan for many reasons, including to prevent burnout and medical errors.

13 benefits of working locum tenens in a rural setting in the U.S. or abroad

Are you interested in setting your own hours, working less, spending more time with your family, and spending less time on admin work? Then perhaps a locum tenens assignment is right for you. You can make your work even more meaningful by lending your skills to rural communities. Here are the top 13 benifits of working in rural settings in the U.S. or abroad.

20 stellar apps for physicians: Tools to help make your life — and your locum tenens assignments — easier

We spend so much time on our smart phones that whatever apps we choose better be good - and truly make our lives easier. Here, we've compiled the most-useful apps for physicians, especially locum tenens doctors, which can help to simplify your professional life, traveling life, and personal life.

How locum tenens gives you more time with your family

Physicians choose locum tenens for many reasons, such as freedom, travel opportunities, and to make extra money - as most U.S. assignments (and some international ones) pay more than a full-time position. In addition to all these great benefits, there's another growing motivator for physicians to take locum tenens assignments: the ability to spend more time with family.

A beginner's guide: Understanding the credentialing and privileging process

Daunted by the credentialing and privileging process for locum tenens physicians to go on an international assignment? Here's how it works and what Global Medical Staffing can do to make the process easier.
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