4 common misconceptions about the locum tenens lifestyle revealed


For those physicians who aren't well versed in the world of locum tenens it can be difficult terrain to navigate sometimes. More than that it can be hard to discern between the myths surrounding the locum tenens lifestyle versus what the reality actually is. Today we're tackling some common misconceptions surrounding these temporary healthcare positions, 4 to be exact.

1) Full-time work is out of the question

Wrong. While it is true that some physicians pursue strictly part-time locum tenens work to help supplement their income. Many other physicians seek full-time locum tenens work - and easily find it. That's upwards of 40 hours per week or more. Simply stipulate to your Physician Placement Specialist what type of schedule you're seeking.

2) You won't have enough time with patients

Again, this misconception couldn't be more wrong. In fact, most of the time physicians won't need to handle all the paperwork and processes that are associated with a typical full-time pursuit. So healthcare professionals end up having more time to spend with their patients. They're more involved in patient care.

3) It will harm your resume

From physicians fresh out of residency all the way to doctors around retirement age, many enjoy the unique benefits of the locum tenens lifestyle including but not limited to: helping out communities in need when a regular provider is let go or takes a leave of absence, the ability to travel throughout the U.S. or overseas, and to see how other physicians in different practice settings deliver care. All these factors help doctors build a strong resume.

4) You won't get to choose where you want to go

This last one is yet again false. The very idea of locum tenens is that physicians of all specialties go where they're needed and there are a lot of needs around the world. There are limitations at times (e.g., if a position closes or if a need doesn't currently exist in a specific city) but for the most part you do have the ability to choose where you want to practice and when - there are opportunities the world over in both urban and rural areas.

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