Craving some Beijing cuisine? Here are the top places to eat.


Are you looking try some authentic Chinese cuisine? We're not talking about the kind you can get down the street at the neighborhood Chinese fast-food restaurant, either (though who doesn't love a good General Tso's chicken?). No, we're talking about real-deal dishes like roast duck - a staple Beijing food and also one of the most popular Chinese dishes.

Next time you're in China's capital city on locum tenens assignment, satisfy your taste for genuine Jing Jiang Rou Si (shredded pork in Beijing sauce) or Mongolian hotpot at one of the below restaurants. While you're at it, too, take a stroll down Wangfujing Snack Street where you can gorge yourself on some classic Chinese food and shop for souvenirs at the same time.

Da Dong Duck Restaurant

Perhaps the epitome of Beijing cuisine is roast duck (or Peking Duck as its sometimes called). And there's no better place to enjoy it than at Da Dong Duck Restaurant. Thin, crispy textures and a long history keep this meal a perennial favorite. There are lots of ways to eat it (e.g., different preparations and different sauces) but pay attention to your waiter, they'll give you the right advice.

Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant

This is the place to try the Jing Jiang Rou Si as mentioned above. Both the restaurant and the dish are widely lauded as classics in the city. In fact, the dish got its start in Beijing. It might not be the prettiest meal on a plate you've ever seen but it might be the tastiest. The dish is simple yet it packs a powerful flavor: sliced pork cooked in a sweet bean sauce served with soya bean wraps.

Dong Lai Shun Restaurant

Looking to sample the Mongolian hotpot? Look no further. Dong Lai Shun is the best of the best in terms of this 1,000-year-old dish. Typically the meal involves lamb, any number of meats, plus vegetables and breads. This restaurant serves a northern style, which is not as spicy as your average hotpot. Bring lots of friends with you to enjoy this family-style meal.

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