3 reasons to spend the holidays in the U.S. Virgin Islands


The scenery is so green, the waters are so blue and the beaches are so pristine, there are your three reasons. Joking aside those are simply attributes of the U.S. Virgin Islands, not reasons alone. But c'mon, do you even need one reason? You've probably seen pictures. You maybe even have friends or family who have been there and regaled you with tropical adventures upon their return.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are not just some random getaway. A lot of people come here explicitly to escape winter, to relax during the holidays. Still we've lined up three distinct reasons for you. Without further ado here's why you should spend the holidays - or maybe even take a locum tenens assignment - in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Reason #1 - You need some sun in your life.

The weather on these islands is in a word, gorgeous. It can get a little windy here. It can even get a little rainy, too. But for the most part you've got bright sun and blue surf day in and day out. So grab your beach towel, some sunscreen and your favorite novel and head to the beach. (If you want more information on weather specifics you can visit this website.)

Reason #2 - And you need some quality beach-relaxing, too.

Did someone say beaches? The U.S. Virgin Islands are replete with stunning coastline. Magens Bay on St. Thomas, for example, is filled with some of the most resplendent views in all of the Caribbean. Then there's Cane Bay on St. Croix with its jungle-green rolling scenery and its seemingly never-ending stretch of sand. (Learn more about the best family beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands.)

Reason #3 - Lastly, you need a breath of fresh air.

Gorgeous weather, check. Quality beaches, check. All that's left for you to do once you get here is breathe deep. You'll get a big whiff of ocean air with every breath. On top of just smelling great here in the U.S. Virgin Islands there isn't as much air pollution, either. So not only can you breathe deep, you can relax on the beach assured that the air quality is top notch. Find out more about air quality in the U.S. Virgin Islands.)

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