Top 3 family-friendly New Year's Eve celebrations in Canada


Canada is synonymous with colder temperatures - especially in winter. But that doesn't mean you'll have a bad time here on your locum tenens assignment by any means. It's quite a beautiful country.

This neighbor to the north has some of the finest mountain, plains and coastal scenery the world over during the winter months (during every month for that matter). Just look at British Columbia or Alberta or Ontario for ample evidence of that fact. Snow-blanketed mountains overcome foggy cliff-laden coasts adding evermore to Canada's wonderful appeal.

Still the scenery isn't the only thing worth noting if you're locum-ing during the holidays. There are a slew of family-oriented events and firework shows across this great land. Without further ado we present to you our top 3 favorite family-friendly celebrations throughout Canada.

Ottawa, Ontario - New Year's Eve

You probably would have guessed that Canada's capital would go all out for its New Year's Eve celebration. It just so happens that it's Canada's 150th anniversary, too, so you know it will be especially special. Head to Ottawa City Hall for a family-fun celebration complete with kid's activities and fireworks, plus a gas-powered cauldron in the Marion Dewar Plaza.

Vancouver, British Columbia - New Year's Eve

Vancouver's known for its big mountains and big coast. But there's more to this city than its giant scenery, like its New Year's Eve celebration that draws in thousands of people.

Swing by Canada Place for two fireworks displays. There's one at 9p that's more family-centric, then another at midnight that delivers a massive show. And it's all free - except for the food of course. Though, you can find all sorts of delicious eats at the food trucks located around the celebration.

Calgary, Alberta - New Year's Eve

Calgary is a gorgeous, riverside city located between the Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Prairies. Its stunning landscape isn't the only reason why people travel to this city. They come for the New Year's Eve celebration, too. Get you and your family to the Olympic Plaza starting at 7p New Year's Day. You'll get to experience things like a glow-in-the-dark dance, ice skating, ice slide and even an early fireworks show at 9p for the kids who can't make the midnight showing.

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