Plan a momentous day in Ottawa: 3 history-rich places you must visit


More often than not if you're looking for an Ontario itinerary you'll find Toronto topping most lists. But Canada's capital, Ottawa, shouldn't be overlooked. It has wonderful experiences aplenty. Since it's the nation's capital city it also has historic sites aplenty. Are you on locum tenens assignment in Canada? We've compiled the perfect list of history-rich places in all of Ottawa. Check ‘em out (in no particular order).

1) Canadian Museum of History

Formerly known as the Canadian Museum of Civilization as recently as 2012, this high-tech museum is technically located in Hull, Quebec just across the Ottawa River. (No worries, it's a short drive from Ottawa.) Highlighting the human history and cultural diversity of Canada, the building itself is a testament to the country's Aboriginal people. It's said that the exterior of the building was "sculpted into smooth ripples, like an undulating wave, to honor the aboriginal belief that evil dwells in angled nooks." Find out about the current exhibitions here.

2) Parliament Hill

Hailed as Ottawa's most visited attraction, Parliament Hill is home to many celebrations and festivals throughout the year. The Gothic revival suite of architecture is brilliant in itself. And from July 9th to September 6th you can witness a fantastic Sound and Light Show where the iconic structure is illuminated with varying displays of light. Learn more about Parliament Hill here.

3) Diefunbunker

Back in 1959, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker commissioned to have the Diefenbunker built. What is the Diefenbunker exactly? It's a former bunker that was built to house over 500 government officials and military personnel in the even of a nuclear war. Nowadays you can take a tour of this Cold War era building. Bring your camera along because you'll want to get pictures of the long, labyrinthine tunnels that make up this place. Discover more about the Diefunbunker here.

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