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Why you should take your next locum tenens assignment in Australia

Global Medical Staffing talked to doctors to hear about their favorite destinations in Australia. We also asked physicians how taking a locum tenens assignment in Australia benefited their career. The things that they commented on include generous vacation time, lots of travel; the nice people; the unique wildlife and how much less time they spend doing medical records/paperwork, allowing more time to help patients.

13 benefits of working locum tenens in a rural setting in the U.S. or abroad

Are you interested in setting your own hours, working less, spending more time with your family, and spending less time on admin work? Then perhaps a locum tenens assignment is right for you. You can make your work even more meaningful by lending your skills to rural communities. Here are the top 13 benifits of working in rural settings in the U.S. or abroad.

How to use international locum tenens to test a permanent relocation

Some physicians use international locum tenens assignments as a stepping-stone to move permanently to countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada or others. We secure the assignment, the work visa, and pay many of the travel/living expenses for the duration of the initial contract. This sets up a physician to more easily secure a resident visa and begin living in the foreign country permanently.

Six insider tips from international locum tenens pros

Two physicians and their families share tips for other couples traveling overseas on international locum tenens assignments.

3 interesting places to practice medicine in Australia plus a brief overview of their healthcare system

Do you want to practice medicine in Australia? Believe it or not, not all people come solely for the sights. In fact, many doctors come because they love the medical experience alone.

Where to go and what to do in the Australian Alps

You've heard of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, right? And the Southern Alps in New Zealand? How about the Australian Alps? These beauties decorate quite a large portion of southeastern Australia.

Top 3 wine regions to visit in Australia

According to an article on Australian Geographic back in 2013, "Australians produce over one billion litres of wine a year" and they export more than two-thirds of it. With that much wine being exported around the world you've probably tried a shiraz or pinot noir by now.

Top 3 family-friendly New Year's Eve celebrations in Australia

Depending on where you are in this massive country there are a variety of different celebrations you can attend. From watching the famous fireworks display of Sydney Harbour to dancing it out at the family disco with your kids in Hobart, there's no shortage of things to do.

3 ultimate summer road trips in Australia

Australia is enormous. The whole mainland and then some (don't forget Tasmania) is ripe with epic road trips waiting to happen.

Arts and culture in Tassie: where to go and what to do

Tasmania's landscape is reason enough to take a locum tenens assignment here. But there's more to this island state - much, much more.
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