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The life of a locum—locum tenens stories told through the eyes of our own doctors.

Catherine Dalton, MD

Waking up in New Zealand or the most fantastical adventure at the world's edge

Jen Corliss, MD

Six months of voracious living and more miles than Dr. Corliss ever dreamed she'd put on a car

Benjamin Ross, MD

Fresh out of residency, Dr. Ross trades corn fields for greener hills

Mark Dell'Aglio, MD

In New Zealand there is no whirlwind, more like a soft, gentle breeze

William LeMaire, MD

There is no "Last Frontier" for Dr. LeMaire

Rick Abbott, MD

You might be tempted to abandon your dog and your family and stay in Tasmania. It's really quite a place.

Nate Unkefer, MD

Type A's beware: New Zealand has a way of changing a doctor.

Raymond Lewandowski III, MD

The Lewandowski family embraces the Aussie lifestyle (no worries).

Kenneth Taylor, MD

Adapt as a doctor, take pride in being tough, surf with the family and other lessons from a Kiwi locum.

Terrance Finstad, MD

Traveling through time and space, the Finstads land in a peculiar place.
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