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Find out what locum tenens doctors are saying about Global Medical Staffing. Locums tenens from across the spectrum of specialties share their experiences in their own words.

Dr. Lewandowski and his family maintained a lovely blog you're invited to read - and see the great... Read More

Raymond Lewandowski III, MD (Family Practitioner), USA

My deepest appreciation for your patience, help, and cooperation in making my experience in New Zealand both possible and extremely positive. It has really helped to make me a better doctor.

Jonathan Rosenstreich, MD (Anesthesiology)

A blog of Dr. Wheelock and his family's experiences in New Zealand can be viewed at:

Chris Wheelock, MD (Family Medicine), USA

It has been my pleasure to do business with Global Medical. I've appreciated having them 'in my corner' and taking care of my business details. Global made me feel appreciated, too...

Cheryl Reichert, MD (Pathology), PhD, United States

I am very happy that I took the time and the effort to go and work in Australia with Global Medical.... Read More

Jacob van Wijk, MD (Family Medicine), The Netherlands

I really liked my time in New Zealand and definitely enjoyed stretching myself. It was good to grow personally and professionally. I enjoyed it so much that I took a second assignment from Global Medical.

Jean Anne Leininger, MD (Anesthesiology), USA

I worked in New Zealand with Global Medical. That experience changed my life. I had a fantastic time and I met a wonderful woman. I enjoyed the opportunity so much, in fact, that I took a second assignment with Global Medical in New Zealand.

James Reardon, MD (Psychiatrist), USA

The idea of working overseas is something we had been considering for a long time. With one of us recently... Read More

Bryan Mestelman, MD (Psychiatrist), Canada and Katherine Hellner, MD (Psychiatrist), Canada

Having just completed a year's stint in Queensland's areas of need in Australia, I would like... Read More

Ken Goulding, MBCHB (General Practice), South Africa

A few months after my retirement as Medical Director of a long-term residential treatment center dealing... Read More

Frank Valcour, MD (Psychiatrist), USA

I'd like to thank the staff at Global Medical for the outstanding support you have given us. Our... Read More

Linda and Ken Lauren, MD (Family Medicine), USA

My husband and I saw an opportunity to live out our dream of working abroad for a year and Global Medical... Read More

Maggie Carpenter, MD (Family Physician), USA

Dr. Sholar comments on his experiences working with Global Medical in Australia and New Zealand and maintains a photographic library of his journey at:

Brent Sholar, MD (Emergency Medicine), USA

My experience with Global Medical provided me and my family with an opportunity to live and work in an... Read More

Larry Boehme, MD (Family Medicine), USA

I was interested in a pediatric job in New Zealand in 2003, but the only job Global Medical had available... Read More

Greg Butler, MD (Pediatrician), USA

Our year in Australia was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an international living experience along with... Read More

William Rogers, MD (General Surgeon), USA

I enjoyed my placement in Australia. It was a great fit for my skill set. The other doctors gave me the... Read More

Rudy Gasparelli, MD (Family Medicine), Canada

Our experience in Australia was just great! Getting there is not easy, a lot of paper work, but with... Read More

Christoffer Lunden, MD (Anesthesiology), Sweden

New Zealand: Wow! What an unexpected treat! Our greatest problem was leaving all of the truly wonderful... Read More

Wayne G. Elliott, MD, (Pathology), USA

I consider myself very lucky that I had the chance to work Down Under. There is no better way to get... Read More

Arpad Kormos, MD (Anesthesiology), USA

My family and myself spent 6 months in New Zealand. We lived in a great neighborhood that had plenty... Read More

Judd Johnston, MD (Pathology), USA

I am a certified specialist obstetrician/gynecologist and since 1976 I have worked as a consultant in... Read More

David Mais, MBBS (Ob/Gyn), Canada

My family and I went to New Zealand on my brother's recommendation, who also took a sabbatical with... Read More

Fawad Qureshi, MD (Nephrology), Pakistan

I'm sure that my year in New Zealand will prove to have been one of the most educational years of... Read More

Dewayne Niebur, MD (Family Medicine), USA

My sabbatical with Global Medical Staffing far exceeded all expectations! My family and I just returned... Read More

Charles Zelnick, MD, (Family Medicine), USA

Crikey! What a wonderful time we had Down Under. The staff at Global Medical truly exemplified the expression... Read More

David E. Price, MD (Family Medicine), USA

Working in Australia was a tremendous experience. I enjoyed the people and the exposure to a great health... Read More

Luis Olivencia-Font, MD (Emergency Medicine), USA

Doing a locum tour with Global Medical in Australia was an experience and adventure not to be missed.... Read More

Britt D. Smith, MD, (Family Medicine), USA