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Current Locum Tenens Assignments Available in California

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California: For those with an appetite for everything

Remember when you first saw the ocean? California can rekindle that same sentiment each time you visit. There’s nary a soul who doesn’t fall in love with the power of California’s Hollywood streets, golden beaches, and poeticized tracts of land. The Redwoods stand tall. The wineries smooth over. The waves break. California is brilliant. Nothing compares to Half Moon Bay at full morning mist, the crystal-clear waters at Lake Tahoe, the expansive stillness of Joshua Tree National Park, or climbing the sky on the 90-year-old Giant Dipper roller coaster in Santa Cruz.

There are plenty of diverse Locum Tenens assignments in California. You can lend a hand to underserved patients at busy clinics in the cities, or make sure rural hospitals don’t go without a physician. A permanent California license usually takes about 16 weeks to obtain, so get in contact with us today and we will take you through the whole process as fast as possible—and typically cover the cost. Regardless of where you choose to practice, you’ll be adding diversity to your CV and helping a community in need, all while exploring a majestic state.