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Current Locum Tenens Assignments Available in Singapore

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Why work Locum Tenens in Singapore?

Singapore is one of a kind. It’s a sovereign city-state and an island country surrounded by rainforest further surrounded by even smaller islands and a sparkling ocean. Singapore is prominent. From the 2nd to the 21st century it served as a trading post. Now it’s more a titan of global finance than a pit stop. The takeaway? It’s always been a valued piece of land. Singapore is revolutionary. It has gained independence not once but twice, first from the U.K. then second from Malaysia. Put it all together and these shores have quite the story; come add to that story and write your own chapter.

Locum tenens assignments in Singapore are fewer and further between then some of the other locations we staff, but that makes them all the more special. These assignments tend to be 1-2 years in length and we handle all your credentialing to make sure you’re ready for your start date. You’ll add diversity to your CV and help a community in need, all while you explore a new country and health system.