Singapore is one of a kind. It’s a sovereign city-state AND an island country surrounded by rainforest further surrounded by even smaller islands and a sparkling ocean. Singapore is prominent. From the second to the 21st century it served as a trading post. Now it’s more a titan of global finance than a pit stop. But the takeaway? It’s always been a valued piece of land. Singapore is revolutionary. It has gained independence not once but twice, first from the U.K. then second from Malaysia. Put it all together and these shores have quite the story. But wait, there’s more…

Can you name Asia’s wealthiest country? You guessed it, Singapore. If there’s any question just look to the skies. More specifically, look to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel—56 stories high—complete with its own SkyPark (a rooftop platform housing restaurants, garden preserves, shops, observation decks and the highest infinity pool in the world).

You could say the future has already arrived in Singapore. More ultra-modern skyscrapers, parks and metro lines are being erected every day. And new technologies are being built alongside with a forward-looking, problem-solving mentality—technologies that address problems like climate change and super storms. Though, it’s not all for practicality. The Gardens by the Bay includes a series of Supertrees (40- to 80-feet tall colorful, tree-like structures) that tower over themed, cultural gardens. Then there’s Asia’s only waterway-themed wildlife park. A fantastical stretch of land that lets you explore eight river habitats, from the mighty Mississippi to the majestic Yangtze.

Singapore has many faces and names, too. Greet the city’s hawkers, local artisans who spend their days cooking the finest food-cart meals in Asia. In fact, you can find the finest of cuisine from all the island-country’s cultures: Chinese, Malay and Indian. This entire bustling tract represents true synergy among many diverse groups. No matter what you call it, the Lion City, the Little Red Dot, or simply Singapore, you can’t deny the beauty and innovation it brings into a fast-growing world. Get here and experience it.

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