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Current Locum Tenens Assignments Available in the Pacific Islands

Locum Tenens Job Openings

Obstetrician Gynecologist
Pacific Islands
Critical Care
Pacific Islands Guam
Obstetrician Gynecologist
Pacific Islands
Pacific Islands
Pacific Islands Northern Mariana Islands
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Why work Locum Tenens in the Pacific Islands?

Let’s face it, we all wish we could travel more. There’s nothing more fantastical than placing your feet on new ground. Why wait? Place them in the Pacific Islands. You'll find yourself here. In the invincible leagues of white-sand beaches; on top of seaside cliffs watching the tide roll in; in the shadow of mighty mountains exploring hidden coves; these tracts of land are old but they’re discovered anew every day.

Locum tenens assignments in the Pacific Islands can run anywhere from six months to two years. Credentialing can take as little as 45-60 days and we handle it all. We sometimes see opportunities on multiple islands and in a range of specialties depending on the need. Best of all, you can practice here with any current U.S. state license. You’ll add diversity to your CV and help a community in need, all while you explore the shores of these otherworldly islands.