New Zealand

New Zealand is like all the best things you never had growing up wrapped in one. Every kid wanted to spend their dog days of summer diving into mighty waves (Caroline Bay). And you can't tell me you never dreamt up a magical misty mountain (Milford Sound) as a wide-eyed youth. This island country makes you want to be a kid again.

Sure, it’s both relaxing and awesome. But those aren’t its only characteristics and it’s not all for youth, either. Kids young and old can tailor an incredibly unique experience here. That’s because much of what’s in New Zealand can’t be found anywhere else. Nowhere in the world can you hunt for jade at the mouth of a turquoise river in the shadow of the nation’s largest mountain—Mount Cook—while drinking Monteith’s Pacific Pale Ale (a Southern Hemispherean favorite). You can only do that here. Granted, that’s a very specific instance but each of those things respectively call the Land of the Long White Cloud home.

New Zealand is the epitome of adventure, too. In fact, the backbone of the country is adventure (aside from the Southern Alps, of course). Every mountain- and beach-town has hordes of the finest local and non-local adventurers embracing their boundaries. Queenstown is solid with adrenaline: Kawarau Bridge’s bungy and Shotover River’s rapids will awe you. Kaikoura is ‘up close and personal’ with nature: whale watch from the rails of a catamaran or kayak next to seals off the coast. And Nelson, well, it’s magical for many reasons. Blue penguins roam this region, the sun rises sooner and sets later than anywhere else in the country and fine wine and fare dominate. Just ask for famous Nelson Bay scallops then wash them down with the best Sauvignon Blanc you’ll ever have. New Zealand is greatly diverse. It’s a beautiful stretch of land that just knows how to do it right.

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