"More" is the crucial word in Canada. It has more mountains, more rivers, and more coastline perfect to hike more, raft more and just appreciate more. Right now someone is running on a treadmill in a temperature-controlled gym appreciating a lot less. We suspect it’s because they don't know that Vancouver, British Columbia has crisper air along the sunny shores of the Georgia Strait. Or that the views of 10,000-year-old glacial giants along Iceberg Alley in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador trump any other sight. Maybe if they did, they’d be here.

Nova Scotia’s another great place. Pull up a stool in Halifax—where they boast the most pubs per capita in Canada—grab a brew and hear seafaring tales of early settlers (French, Scottish, British and First Nations). You might even hear a local’s perspective on the Bay of Fundy like when to cruise (via raft) the world’s highest tide. Or what time of year to hit up Cabot Trail and Cape Breton National Park for highland scenery and Celtic hospitality.

The point is, every province in Canada will amaze you—and for very respective, respectable reasons. They don’t even have to be seaside. Saskatchewan screams outdoors: the tall hills and small mountains are polished with rivers and reservoirs so brilliant they had to preserve them as national parks (Prince Albert and Meadow Lakes). Then there are places so uniquely great that when you visit the only thing you’re thinking is how can I live here? Manitoba might be one of those places. Spruce Woods Provincial Park cuts a wide swath through golden towns and prairies and feeds your lungs with air so fresh you’ll feel like it’s your first breath. And the night sky in Alberta, wow. With two of the largest dark sky preserves (Wood Buffalo and Jasper) you’ll see how many stars really are in the night sky and if you’re there at the right time, these boundaries are perfect for witnessing the Northern Lights, too.

Canada has more than just outdoor potential. People you can’t call anything but salt of the earth call places like Toronto home. This city has a nightlife that can’t be beat (see the Distillery District) and a penchant for their national sport that’s unrivaled (get your picture taken with the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame). Montreal is for foodies and wine-lovers. Some say it’s even better than Napa Valley. And Quebec City is the closest to Europe you’ll get in North America (think cobblestone streets and fortified city walls). There’s no way you’ll leave any portion of Canada without a good story. Because when you visit this land filled with large coast and golden sunsets, people will expect you to come home with quite the epic tale.

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