Most times a place is just a place—nothing remarkable. There are miles of road, acres of land and tracts of sky. Other times a place is something more. The roads become arteries that give life to epic trips across massive, scorched land. And every time you look toward the sky, neurons spark giving you an epiphany that this is what life is all about…exploring vast distances of great country. That’s pure, unadulterated Australia.

Rugged cliffs meander then crash around beaches in this continent of a country. Far inside it’s nothing but red heartland and maroon outback with scattered rivers giving life. The whole country is a reverential declaration to every climate and every landscape. Beautiful forests and vineyards jettison central Australia just enough to still appreciate its infamous desert. This is the stuff of dreams people. Don’t believe us? Take a bushwalk in Nyah Vinifera State Forest, get out on the Whitsunday Islands for a sail cruise, or overnight it in a houseboat on Murray River. You’ll realize the beauty of Australia soon enough.

The rich history of this country dates back more than 50,000 years—a lock of hair collected by a British anthropologist a century ago and recently tested for DNA proves it (we imagine the history courses down under are rather grueling). Somehow, Aboriginal Australians kept the whole continent to themselves without admitting any outsiders for thousands of years. Then down came the seafaring Dutch then the British then diversity exploded. Now Aussies of all backgrounds are scattered throughout with most living in coastal cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide, Cairns and Perth. Let’s not forget the city of Hobart in the island state of Tasmania, either. It’s got a skyline dominated by Mount Wellington, a cityscape laden with Georgian buildings and a culture centered in Salamanca Place with the best fresh seafood, art and music.

In Queensland you’re on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef; down the road from Lady Musgrave Island and Fitzroy Lagoon; and a day-trip away from Wilston or Heron Island. Just Google one of those places and we bet you’ll be sold. Then there's Barossa Valley in South Australia with some of the finest wineries and wines in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is seemingly endless. It's truly a colored map of fiery red outback, deep-blue waters and fantastically green islands. There are no misadventures here…only adventures magnified.

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