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If you have a life list, our guess is Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean are right at the top. What are you waiting for?

From the Northern Territory to the southern tip of Tasmania, Australia is a must-see continent.

A mosaic of mountains and deserts, green-carpeted plateaus and valleys, and dense tropical forests, Oz is also home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel, scuba dive or just gaze at the sparkling water and marine life. Or roam the Australian Outback, where the oldest living culture in the world resides. Do a walk about or climb up on a camel and snap some great shots of the country's most recognizable natural icon, Uluru (Ayers Rock), rising from the plain in all its monolithic glory. Or venture to one of Australia's world-class cities and meander down cobblestone streets and down-to-earth pubs, then lose yourself in an upscale market or restaurant.

Not to be outdone by its "Trans-Tasman" sister, New Zealand is a breathtakingly beautiful thrill-lover’s paradise.

The stunning scenery waiting to be discovered in this emerald island includes forest, plains, beaches and towering peaks. You’ll also discover what Rudyard Kipling proclaimed is the real “Eighth Wonder of the World” - the waters of Milford Sound, where the reflection of Mitre Peak is oft-mistaken for the real thing. And if you doubt it's stunning scenery,  watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Chronicles of Narnia –both filmed in this heaven on earth. 

Or head to the warm crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean and secure your own piece of heaven.

Swim with graceful stingrays among the vibrant corals; find your sea legs learning how to "ha" the jib and rudder on a dinghy or keelboat; flee on a bike or to the creepy, yet artful landscape of Hell; and then head over to catch sight of a blue iguana - one of the only places in the world where you’ll still see them in the wild.

So come locum overseas and experience life the way you never could as a tourist. As one veteran Global Medical locum, Dr. Kathryn Starkey, put it: “When you visit a place, you see the stage show. When you live there, you see what goes on behind the scenes."

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  • “Global Medical's service is excellent. I feel that the staff always takes a personal interest in my position and would do anything reasonable to help if a problem arose. The telephone calls to check on how things are going are always substantive and responsive.”
    – Leonard Bentch, MD
  • “Working with Global medical gave me great insight into medicine in Australia. Don't miss out; it will be the highlight of your career!”
    – Brian Doyle, M.D.
  • “I recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in broadening his or her medical horizons.”
    – Gerard Ames, MD
  • “My experience with Global's U.S. locums has been excellent. Now, I'm working with Global to go to New Zealand.”
    – Greg Matera, MD

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